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_DSC4872Earth Tech Environmental, LLC and its trusted sub-contractors have been providing ‘turn-key’ ecological and sustainable solutions for our clients’ environmental needs since 2006. Earth Tech Environmental is conveniently located in Lee County, Florida. We are an environmental firm that focuses on ecosystem restoration and environmental compliance both on land and in our waters. We specialize in exotic eradication and native plant installation for private, commercial and municipal clients. In addition, Earth Tech Environmental handles preserve and lake management, mitigation calculations, wetland determinations, protected species studies, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, submerged resource surveys, feral hog removal, sediment & erosion control, bush hog mowing and wetland/littoral planting. All projects are supervised by a qualified project manager with knowledge of local plant communities and experience in current environmental management techniques.

With an ever-changing economic environment, Earth Tech Environmental has established the ideology of providing our clients with a streamlined interdisciplinary approach to solving their environmental needs. This ideology focuses on simple, effective and economical tools that provide straightforward and concise results. Implementing this approach towards ecosystem restoration has provided clients with a cost reductive product that results in long-term ecological benefits. Utilizing the expertise of our staff and dependable sub-contractors, Earth Tech Environmental has successfully executed this business plan since its inception.


Earth Tech Environmental, LLC has a staff of trained and licensed personnel that are qualified to perform environmental consulting and ecosystem restoration at any scale. All field supervisors are licensed through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as commercial applicators for natural areas, aquatics, right-of-ways, and/or forest pest. In addition, all field supervisors have been trained in either the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Best Management Practices for the Green Industries and/or Stormwater Management Inspector. All field technicians are continually trained and have excessive experienced in native, invasive, and exotic plant identification. In addition, all field technicians are knowledgeable in current ecosystem restoration techniques.

Donn Brown

Founder/Senior Project Manager

Mr. Brown founded Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2006 and has been an acting partner since. He has been in the ecosystem restoration industry since 2001, and has been involved in ecosystem restoration projects throughout Florida and the US Virgin Islands. Receiving a double-major in Environmental Studies & Environmental History from Florida Gulf Coast University (cum laude) has given Donn valuable training and knowledge of local plant communities and experience in current environmental management techniques. He has successfully managed both small and large-scale restoration, mitigation, and land development projects with responsibilities for project planning, coordination, cost estimates, allocation of resources and material, scheduling, procurement, QA/QC, and contractor/vendor relationships. He is commercially licensed in Collier County as a Landscape – Restricted Contractor, and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for herbicide applications within natural areas, right-of-ways, forests pest control, and aquatic areas. In addition, Donn has been certified as a project management professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute, FDEP – Florida Green Industries BMP’s, FDACS – Feral Swine Dealer, and FDEP certified as a stormwater management inspector.

FDACS Commercial Applicator #CM15838.

Jeremy Sterk, CEP

Partner/Principal Ecologist

Mr. Sterk joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2013. He has been an Environmental Consultant in Southwest Florida since 1994 and has worked on projects throughout Collier, Lee, Hendry, DeSoto, Glades, and Charlotte counties. His varied experience spans marine, upland, and estuarine habitats and includes extensive work with a wide variety of listed species. He currently holds a State of Florida Real Estate License, is a FWC authorized gopher tortoise agent, A FWC authorized burrowing owl Agent, A FWC approved shorebird monitor, a USFWS approved bald eagle monitor, and a Certified Environmental Professional. In addition to authoring dozens of habitat and species management plans, in 2007, Jeremy co-authored the first habitat conservation plan (HCP) in the nation to address incidental take issues for both red-cockaded woodpeckers and Florida panther on the same property. In 1998, he wrote an ecological assessment computer model for the South Florida Water Management District as part of the South Lee County Watershed Study. He has served on various committees appointed by the Collier County Board of County Commissioners, including Conservation Collier Land Acquisition Advisory Committee, Development Services Advisory Committee (DSAC), and the FWC Local Rule Review Committee (Manatee Protection Speed Zones).

Michelle Rousseau

Operations Manager

Ms. Rousseau has been with Earth Tech Environmental, LLC since its inception in 2006. She plays an integral role in organizing office operations and procedures while assisting clients of all levels. Michelle aids in the development of strategic plans for operations while monitoring the workings of various departments to ensure the highest quality employee productivity. Her duties include intra-office communications and coordination, handling accounts payable/receivable, preparing the yearly budget, and managing supply requisitions. Michelle is a Florida native with a background in banking and entrepreneurship.

Jeremy Boone

Environmental Permitting Specialist

Mr. Boone has been with Earth Tech Environmental, LLC since 2014. He is experienced in the successful implementation of complex calculations, aerial mapping and digitization, drafting design and illustration while ensuring the production of highest quality products for all clients. He has extensive experience in a broad range of specialized computer software such as ArcGIS, ArcView & ArcMap, CAD Raster Design, Land Desktop, Land Enabled Map, Civil 3D, Map 3D and Sketchup. Jeremy is also experienced in the use of advanced GPS systems while safeguarding the highest quality accuracy through the use of TerraSync software and Trimble GeoXH equipment. Since 2006, he has specialized in producing maps and exhibits in various environmental, engineering and architectural disciplines which include land development, water resources, surveying/mapping, drafting, environmental services and utilities. Jeremy also possesses broad-based customer service experience in both the private and public sectors. Additionally, he is a certified Spanish interpreter.

Jennifer Bobka

Ecologist \ Consulting Manager

Ms. Bobka joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2016 and contributes her talents in natural resource management, ecological restoration and environmental education. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies. Her previous experiences include a broad range of public and private sector environmental work from Florida to Montana. Her varied experience spans coastal marine, shoreline and estuarine habitats, to upland forests and alpine environments. She has worked with a wide variety of native and invasive plant and wildlife species, with a special interest in threatened and endangered species. She has worked with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission conducting manatee research. As a Field Crew Leader, Jennifer coordinated projects in native vegetation planting and restoration, mechanical and manual fuels reduction, and invasive species removal. She fulfills duties in environmental consulting, wetland & wildlife monitoring, GIS mapping, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and environmental resource permitting.

Andrew McAuley

Environmental Scientist

Mr. McAuley joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2017, bringing with him nearly 10 years of experience working as a Hydrogeologist II and Environmental Consultant in New York State. He graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. His extensive background includes Phase I ESA reporting, Phase II and Phase III sampling and oversight, Groundwater/Soil/Indoor Air Quality sampling and reporting. Drew has overseen various projects in New York including several Brownfield sites, a Landfill Gas Extraction System, monitoring well installations, and a variety of mold/lead/asbestos abatement projects.  Since joining ETE Mr. McAuley has gained valuable experience in species surveys, mangrove monitoring, turbidity sampling, exotic species removal, GIS mapping, protective species surveys and submerged resource surveys.  He has recently received his SDI Open Water SCUBA Certification.

Nick Roach


Mr. Roach joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2018, coming from Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve where he managed their nutrient monitoring program. Since joining Earth Tech Environmental, Nick has gained experience in a broad range of environmental consulting. This experience includes wetland jurisdictionals, vegetation and habitat mapping, protected species surveys, turbidity monitoring, and GIS mapping.

Campbell Peck


Mr. Peck joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2019. He graduated from Florida Southern College in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Biology, as well as studies in Environmental Science and Business Administration. His work experience includes work in commercial fisheries in New England. As an undergraduate, Mr. Peck had opportunities to do extensive research with sharks and marine invertebrates. In the summer of 2018, he was the first of the new internship program at Earth Tech Environmental. Since joining us at Earth Tech, he has gained experience with native vegetation, exotic species removal, ecological restoration, mangrove monitoring, and turbidity sampling.

Matt McGee

Nursery Operations Manager

Mr. McGee joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in 2018. Matt is a Florida native and Marine Corps Veteran. He specializes in nursery plant maintenance and management. Since joining Earth Tech, he has gained experience in exotic vegetation species removal, ecological restoration, aquaponics gardening, and the cultivation of native plant species for use in eco-restoration projects. Being a jack-of-all trades, Matt is also an avid boater and fisherman, honorary Earth Tech carpenter, and master chef!

Jim Blalock

Project Foreman

Mr. Blalock has been with Earth Tech Environmental, LLC since 2011 and holds the position of Project Foreman. His duties consist of herbicide application, crew supervision and equipment operations. Jim also oversees subcontractors, bush hog mowing operations, mechanical mowing and fence installation for Earth Tech Environmental. His past experiences include being a Project Manager with Forestry Resources Vegetation Management and he has dealt with large scale mechanical and manual vegetation removal. Since 1994, Jim has provided vegetation management services throughout Florida. He is also OSHA approved and MOT qualified.

FDACS Commercial Applicators License #CM22866

Adam Hogue

Project Foreman

Mr. Hogue has been with Earth Tech Environmental, LLC since 2006, and holds the position of Project Foreman. His duties and responsibilities include the understanding of current BMP’s, enforcement of safety procedures, implementing restoration techniques for all projects, and daily supervision of project staff and subcontractors. For over fifteen years, Adam has complied with current Integrated Pest Management procedures while working in the landscape, plant installation and tree removal industries. He has successfully completed training and certification in Florida Green Industries BMP’s, and is commercially licensed by FDACS to apply herbicides in natural areas.

FDACS Commercial Applicator #CM20505

Jason Miller

Environmental Technician

Mr. Miller joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in early 2014 as an Environmental Technician with more than 22 years of private and public sector experience in handling and caring for native and exotic wildlife and vegetation. Jason has extensive experience working with Florida wildlife and native/exotic vegetation since 1992 when he started his career as a Curator & Zookeeper for the Everglades Wonder Gardens. He is experienced in responding to nuisance and injured wildlife calls while handling, moving, preparing diet, feeding, administering vaccines & medication, rehabilitation, tranquilization and immobilization of animals. Jason has also worked for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission where he set and monitored bear traps, transported and delivered captured animals to Commission staff for release and disposal, and hazed bears involved in human-bear conflicts. Since joining Earth Tech Environmental in, Jason has gained experience in a broad range of ecological restoration and consulting work. This experience includes exotic species removal, littoral shelf planting, native vegetation restoration planting, vegetation and habitat mapping, protected species surveys, vegetation monitoring surveys, monitoring well installation/maintenance, and water monitoring events.

FDACS Commercial Applicator #CM23692

Gayk Mekenyan

Environmental Technician

Mr. Mekenyan joined Earth Tech Environmental, LLC in early 2014 as an Environmental Technician. He specializes in species surveys, exotic species removal, supplemental plantings, vegetation monitoring, and preserve maintenance. Over the years Mr. Mekenyan has expanded his capabilities to include Trimble GPS usage, turbidity monitoring, Gopher Tortoise relocation, mangrove trimming and crew management. He also has extensive nursery experience. Gayk graduated from FGCU in 2017 with an Environmental Studies degree.

FDACS Commercial Applicator #CM25154

Conor Goulding

GIS Technician/ Environmental Specialist

Mr. Goulding joined Earth Tech Environmental LLC in 2019 and holds the position of GIS Technician. His duties and responsibilities include creating a wide variety of maps blending natural and urban environments, ranging in scale from site plans for single family homes to FLUCCS maps for potential community properties, identifying and locating invasive plant species through aerials, and creating daily tracking maps for treatment reports. This goes along with field work that includes GPS mapping using a Trimble Geo 7X to determine preserve boundaries and more. His familiarity with southwest Florida ecosystems encompasses estuarine and marine ecosystems, which allows him to do duties outside of mapping including sea grass monitoring and Goliath grouper surveys.

Field Technicians

Our field crews are highly experienced and certified to handle any project that is thrown their way. Check out Earth Tech Environmental, LLC’s Facebook page to see what our team comes across on a day-to-day basis!

Juan (The Doctor) Perez

Dean & Spencer Blalock