This September, ETE assisted Collier County Coastal Zone Management in reinstalling two Canoe Trail Markers in Clam Bay. These 32 markers help kayakers, canoers, and paddleboarders navigate their way through the mangroves of Clam Bay.



These trail markers can be displaced by hurricanes, repeated boater hits and human interaction, or naturally through loosening sediments over time combined with strong currents within the bay.



ETE, contracted through Pelican Bay Services Division, not only conducts ecological health assessments and monitoring, but also reports any maintenance problems, such as damaged or lost Canoe Trail Markers within Clam Bay. Then with coordination with Collier County, replacements go up as soon as possible.





Next time you’re exploring Clam Bay, try to make your way to all 32 markers to help you navigate through the 570-acre estuary system!