Nick Roach is one of Earth Tech Environmental’s ecologists who specializes in single family permitting, bonneted bat surveying, protected species surveying, and is a certified gopher tortoise agent.

Nick has recently obtained a Commercial Remote Pilot Part 107 Drone (UAS) License. This license is to ensure that people who are flying drones for business are doing so with an educated background of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and airspace safety.

Nick taking aerial photos of the ETE Nursery

Droning is a key tool in the environmental industry in today’s world, and helps with many of the projects we do. Some projects that utilize drones include projects that require aerial photography, project progression images, habitat mapping, exotic vegetation coverage, site analysis, and seagrass surveys.

Some examples of these uses include:

  • Going out before projects begin to establish the best ways to navigate a property. That information can help determine what equipment is needed to gain access for the job; for example, using a swamp buggy due to high water elevations in the area, or chainsaws for heavy vegetation.
  • Through photo stitching technology built with the collection of 800+ photos, Nick can provide high quality aerials where fieldwork may not even be needed for a project, such as determining vegetation die off, and can help to delineate FLUCCS (Florida Land Use, Cover Classification System) mapping.
  • Progressive photos of a project can be a huge addition to an expansive report, whether it’s a massive construction project or monitoring the health of vegetation within a preserve over multiple years.


Aerial from a Wildfire Assessment


Project Progression Aerial


Aerial to Determine Vegetation Die-off